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help me out please!!
  Night[Mare], Aug 05 2010

Hi LP. I thank you for reading this.
A friend of mine managed to go into the final of a photo contest, and if he wins he would be awarded a new digital camera. The voting is extremely close, he is right now on 2nd place and only 30 votes behind the 1st place...

you can vote here

thank you for your support very much!!! here ill leave a bonus:
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FTP to paypal
  Night[Mare], Dec 26 2009

edit: done

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FTP$ to PS$
  Night[Mare], Aug 11 2009

Hi, i was wondering if someone could help me out. I need 25$ on PS to pay for a special promotoion. I have money on FTP. I would send first if i must. Reputable people please.

thank you very much!

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